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Darren Kincaid - Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stay Healthy: Cold and Flu Prevention Tips

In kindergarten we were taught that sharing is good, but no one wants to share cold and flu germs. Here are a few simple things you can do to help reduce the chances of receiving an unhealthy gift this year.

Use common sense

One of the best ways to avoid catching a cold is to steer clear of someone who has one. Many people suffering the effects of a cold are thoughtful enough or feel ill enough to limit social interaction, but some are not. If you have a coworker or friend showing all the symptoms — cough, runny nose, congestion and a scratchy throat — politely avoid them, especially during the first few days when they may be most infectious.

Hand washing

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), washing your hands is the single most important way of stopping the spread of viral and bacterial infections. Wash your hands often, especially during cold and flu season. Also wash your hands after blowing your nose. If your child has a cold, it’s a good idea to wash their toys after play.
And look out for that bathroom towel! If you or someone in your family has a cold, put up a separate towel in the bathroom for healthy members to use. Also avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes, if you can — you could be giving germs a free ride into your body. Visit WebMD for more about the value of hand washing.

Take care of yourself

During the cold and flu season, be especially vigilant about doing all the things that keep you healthy during the year: get enough sleep, exercise regularly, get fresh air, eat well, drink plenty of liquids and limit your intake of alcohol. A daily multi-vitamin is also a good idea. Smokers have a much higher likelihood of getting a cold or other respiratory infection, so consider cutting back or quitting altogether this winter season.
Most of all, relax! Stress takes a significant toll on your immune system. Check WebMD for more ways to keep yourself healthy.

Don’t go dry

Winter dryness is uncomfortable for most people, leading to dry skin and sore sinuses. Did you know that dry, irritated sinuses are more likely to get infected? Turning down the heat and using a saline spray or well-maintained humidifier will help with this problem.

Keep your germs to yourself

We know we should all be considerate and stay away from others when we are sick, but daily obligations often make that hard. If, despite your best efforts, you catch a cold and have to be around other people, be conscious of keeping your germs to yourself. Though we’ve been taught from childhood to cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze, it’s actually better to grab a tissue (which should immediately be thrown away.)

There is no certain way to prevent a cold from following you home this season, but there are some smart habits that can help you avoid one. If you are able to follow these tips, odds are better that you can avoid a germy gift that keeps on giving.



Darren Kincaid - Monday, December 13, 2010

The Auston Grove office will close at 12:00pm on Tuesday, December 14th for an offsite meeting. If you are a resident with a maintenance emergency, please dial 919-217-9995.

We Have a Really Cool Fitness Center in our Apartment Complex

We Have a Really Cool Fitness Center in our Apartment Complex

Darren Kincaid - Friday, December 03, 2010
We Have a Really Cool Fitness Center in our Apartment Complex

You might have every excuse in the world why you don’t want to go to the gym or the fitness center in our apartment complex.

Excuses about Not Using the Fitness Center

It’s to crowded, or I don’t like using weights or maybe even, I don’t like to sweat outside.  Anyone of these excuses will do if you just don’t want to exercise.  All you really need is one excuse, and it doesn’t have to be a good one.  But consider the benefits of your exercise: Healthier living, more energy, faster metabolism.

If you really don’t like the gym then it’s okay, you don’t have to leave you apartment or your living room to get a workout in.  Doing push up or even dancing can give you the cardio that you need.  Take a look at this article from and read about the overview of effective push-ups.

Homemade Pet Toys for the Holiday Season

Homemade Pet Toys for the Holiday Season

Darren Kincaid - Wednesday, December 01, 2010
During the winter holiday season we tend to guy gifts for everyone in our family and for most of our friends as well.  but some times we can forget about the furry members of our social group.  You know Mr. Kitty and man’s best friend.  Well, this holiday season you don’t have to worry about going broke trying to get a gift for your pet, just make one.

Make your own pet gifts this holiday

Here is an idea for making a kitty cat toy for your pet’s holiday experience.  This is called the Wrestle Sausage:

Stuff a plastic grocery bag and a tablespoon of organic catnip into an old sock. Tie a shoelace about 2 inches from the sock’s open end. Dangle it in front of the cat so your pet can wrestle with it. The cat will love the crackling noise the bag makes.

This should be a very exiting toy for your cat to play with.  Learn about more fun toys to make for your pet while preserving the environment at the same time.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

Darren Kincaid - Monday, November 29, 2010

For the people who didnt want to get up at 4:00am Friday and face massive crowds, there’s today-Cyber Monday.
The online equivalent of Black Friday, Cyber Monday is when people stay in their jammies (or more realistically close the office door) to find great deals on the Internet.

While Cyber Monday is a national phenomenon, local businesses are also getting in on the action. Some good sites to check for coupon codes:, and

Happy Hunting from Auston Grove!!



Darren Kincaid - Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Auston Grove will close at 4:00pm on Wednesday, November 24th. The office will be closed Thursday the 25th and Friday the 26th. We will re-open on Saturday the 27th at 10:00am.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Travel safely and relax.

By the way, here is a great turkey video to get you ready for the Holiday!!



Darren Kincaid - Monday, November 22, 2010

Even for the most veteran shoppers, Black Friday can be overwhelming. The savviest have learned that going without a game plan can be disastrous. Those with no list, no plan and no reinforcements are bound to fail. Those are the people who are tired, frustrated and sitting on a bench at the end of the day. If you dont want to be one of them, follow these tips for a successful Black Friday.


In recent years, it has become easier to plan your Black Friday shopping because of the Internet. It is now fairly common for some retailers’ Black Friday ads to be leaked online long before Black Friday.

Check websites like BFADS.NET and BLACKFRIDAY.INFO to view actual scans of the ads and find out what will be on sale. Remember that many of the super hot “doorbuster” deals come in limited quantities, and you may have to line up well in advance to score the bargain.

In recent years, many retailers like Best Buy have started a ticket system on Black Friday, handing out tickets to those waiting in line for the hottest deals before the store opens.

Once you figure out which stores you want to hit, be sure you sign up for those companies e-mail newsletter lists online. Many of them will send additional coupons or savings passes to subscribers in the days leading up to the weekend.

Or check (click on retail) to look for printable coupons that might be available.

Good luck, be safe and happy hunting!!



Darren Kincaid - Friday, November 19, 2010

Your laptop, cell phone, and PDA devices all signal that you are plugged in to an electronic world — and all those devices eventually must be plugged in, too, in order to keep functioning. Living with a gaggle of gadgets means living with their gear, too. Here are some tips to help you keep your various electronic gizmos — and all of their various plug-ins and chargers — organized.

Find a home base

All of your portable equipment needs a home base, somewhere to store them when it’s time for their regular charging. You can make a pre-bedtime, winding-down ritual to return your phone to its charger at the end of the day, for instance. It may make sense to have one charger for your apartment and another for your car or bag, so you’re not left with a non-functional device when you most need it to work.

Find a charging station

If you find the sheer number of different cords and adapters in your life stressful, look for charging stations that handle multiple electronic accessories. Stores that sell organization products and cater to high-tech users frequently offer charging stations: the online retailer ThinkGeek, for example, offers a portable solar charger and even a charging station that nestles your electronics in simulated grass (to hide the cords). Or consider a wall-mounted charging station from KangaRoom. Want to make sure you have a spare charger? Check out iGo’s selection. (And make sure you don’t plug every charger into the same outlet. See more on keeping track of electrical cords and cables for some safety precautions.)

Find a storage place

If you have electronic gadgets you don’t use very often, you’ll want to store them away from extreme temperature and humidity changes (not in the bathroom, for instance.) A drawer organizer such as those used to separate socks or jewelry can help keep gadgets organized and undamaged. A label maker may also come in handy to organize cords and other accessories. Taking the time to label these pieces may prevent you from having to hunt down a charger for a gadget you haven’t used in a while.

Find a backup system

A significant and easily forgotten aspect of securing your electronic gadgets is to back up their data regularly. Whether you’re exporting your phone’s address book to your PC in case your cell phone’s memory dies, or making sure your MP3 player’s carefully-accumulated contents have a second home on an external hard drive, the time you budget to back up your electronic gadgets’ contents will pay off. While some electronic accessories have longer shelf lives and greater reliability than others, all run the risk of receiving shocks, reacting badly to atmospheric changes, or just becoming obsolete. A little preparation and organization now can save you a lot of aggravation later.

You depend on your electronic devices to be ready when you need them. Add to their time-saving service to you by keeping them powered up, organized, and secured.

For First Time Turkey Cookers Who Want To Cook A Turkey Like An Expert

For First Time Turkey Cookers Who Want To Cook A Turkey Like An Expert

Darren Kincaid - Friday, November 19, 2010

It’s time for the whole family to invade again for Thanksgiving dinner.  This year serve up a mouthwatering turkey they will never forget.  Nice and crisp on the out side, moist and flavorful on the in side.  Yummy!  Take a look at this video and take notes, by time you slide that bird in the oven you will feel like a turkey cooking expert.  Even if its your first time.



Darren Kincaid - Thursday, November 18, 2010

Could This Be the First Day of a Life Without Tobacco?

Are you thinking about quitting smoking but not sure you’re ready to take the plunge? Maybe the Great American Smokeout is for you. It’s an opportunity to join with literally millions of other smokers in saying “no thanks” to cigarettes for 24 hours.

A Day to “Butt Out”

The Great American Smokeout traditionally takes place on the third Thursday in November. The concept dates from the early ’70s when Lynn Smith, publisher of the Monticello Times of Minnesota, announced the first observance and called it “D Day.” The idea caught on in state after state until in 1977, it went nationwide under the sponsorship of the American Cancer Society. If past Smokeouts are any indication, as many as one-third of the nation’s 46 million smokers could be taking the day off from smoking.

Joining the Fun

Each year during the Great American Smokeout, the American Cancer Society promotes local and nationwide activities that focus in a light-hearted way on the benefits of not smoking. Here are some previous years’ activities:

A national sandwich shop company gave out free “cold turkey” sandwiches and cookies to smokers who turned in at least a half pack of cigarettes.
Newborn babies at Washington’s Columbia Hospital received T-shirts that said “I’m a Born Nonsmoker.”
“Don’t Let Smoking Be an Obstacle” was the slogan for a Houston activity in which smokers ran an obstacle course consisting of oversized cigarette packs, matches and ashtrays.
Preschoolers in Texas played “Gonesmoke, a Tale of the New West,” wearing red bandannas and Smokeout deputy badges.
Other events include public appearances by celebrities who have quit, parades, rallies, athletic events and ceremonial cigarette burials and bonfires.
Making It Work

Behind the festivities of the Great American Smokeout are the serious efforts of thousands of hard-working American Cancer Society volunteers who visit schools, malls and workplaces to publicize the events and distribute information about quitting. They also enlist nonsmokers to “adopt” smokers for the day, supporting them with advice and snacks. The support continues for those who decide not to return to smoking after the Great American Smokeout is over.

The Rules of the Game

The rules are simple: You just quit smoking for the 24 hours of the Smokeout. The wonderful thing is that you won’t be alone; you can swap advice, jokes and groans with the other “quitters,” nonsmokers and the American Cancer Society volunteers who will be cheering you on. Even if you don’t go on to quit permanently, you will have learned that you can quit for a day and that many others around you are taking the step, too. Contact the American Cancer Society for information on how you can participate, either as a “quitter” or as a volunteer.

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