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Go Green in Your Apartment on Earth Day – Raleigh, NC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Today is Earth Day. Are you looking for some way to go green in your apartment in Raleigh, NC? If you want to help out your earth and save money, here are some ways to go green.

  • Buy fresh, local food at local markets.
  • Make birthday cards and give gifts in decorated paper bags or a cool reusable bag.
  • Bring your own reusable bags when grocery shopping.
  • Shop at consignment stores and thrift stores.
  • Dispose of electronic and hazardous waste properly.
  • Buy a share in community-supported agriculture farms to support local, sustainable farming and enjoy fresh veggies.
  • Stop using plastic sandwich bags and use washable containers or bags.
  • Cut down on car trips, walk or bike while running errands. .
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper in school lunches and at home.
  • Stop buying bottled water. Save money and energy buy using reusable metal water bottles and use a personal filter for your kitchen faucet.
  • Organize a Halloween costume swap. This can be a great service project for a Girl Scout troop.
  • Expand your hand-me-down circle. Organize a clothing swap for you or your kids’group of friends. Bring clothes, athletic gear, shoes, and toys to trade. Everything else goes to Salvation Army or trade.

Do you have ideas about ways to go green? Tell us.

Pros Of Renting Your Home – Raleigh, NC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It is better for the shorter term

If you will be in your home less than seven to ten years, then it would actually be smarter to rent in most cases. By the time you pay yearly costs to own a home such as mortgage payment, community living fees, renovation cost, maintenance, property tax and homeowners insurance it can add up. Not to mention, purchasing costs like the down payment and realty fees. Then selling costs when you decide to move. Renting is the smarter way to go if you know you won't be staying in the area long, or your job security is low. Rent and renters insurance are the only fees to be concerned about.

The maintenance guy is a pro

Leaky sink? Oven not working? All you have to do is call your maintenance buddy. You don’t have to come up with any extra money to pay for the problem. The landlord should take care of it all. If you aren't handy, then this is something you may want to consider.


It is more flexible to rent than to own. Even if you are not moving far, you may not like the area and want to live on the other side of town. Renting allows you to have the freedom to do that. Many like the feeling that they can pick up and go without waiting to see if their home sells or not.

For more information on renting apartments in Raleigh, NC contact Auston Grove Apartments.

Free Fitness Classes in Raleigh

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Are you looking for a fun, easy way to get in shape for Spring? Don’t’ forget to take advantage of the state-of-the-art fitness center in our apartments in Raleigh, NC. But if you are looking for another way to get fit, that is more out-of-the box, then head downtown.

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during April, O2 Fitness will host “Shape Up Downtown” events in downtown Raleigh.

The “Shape Up” program gives people a chance to try different fitness classes – all of them free and open to all ages – while soaking in some nice spring weather. Last week, participants took part in BodyCombat and Bootcamp workouts.

The classes take place at 6 p.m. on the City Plaza, 400 Fayetteville St. On Tuesdays, Happy+Hale will offer samples of juice drinks and salads.

This Tuesday’s class is a total body condition class with a walk or run. Wednesday is another bootcamp workout. Some of the upcoming classes include Zumba, Insanity, Yoga and CxWorx.

April is North Carolina Beer Month - Raleigh, NC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April is North Carolina Beer Month, and there are plenty of festivals, beer dinners and special events to celebrate. If you live in an apartment in Raleigh, NC you can join in the fun.

More than 60 breweries in the state are participating.  If you live in the Triangle, don't worry – there will be plenty of beer events to keep you occupied! Take a look at some highlights of NC Beer Month below:

Beer dinners

Midtown Grille and Raleigh Brewing Company (April 1) – RBC is taking over the taps for a five-course beer dinner.

Swine & Dine (April 2 at Zinda) – Five courses, each featuring a different part of the hog, paired with Crank Arm beer. Plus you can try some special Bloody Mary mix and take home some jerky.

Irregardless Cafe and White Street Brewing Company (April 2) – A four-course dinner benefiting the Community Music School. There is a vegetarian menu available.

Flights and Big Boss Brewing Company (April 3) – This dinner focuses on wild game paired with some favorite and seasonal Big Boss brews, like Hell's Belle and Centaur.

ORO (April 3, 10, 17, 24) - In honor of NC Beer month, this downtown Raleigh restaurant is holding special four-course dinners every Thursday featuring a different local brewery. It all kicks off April 3 with Raleigh Brewing Company. Other dinners will feature Lonerider, Crank Arm and Gizmo.

Sitti and Triangle Brewing Company (April 7) – The first of four beer dinners at Sitti this April. The menu includes tuna tartare, lamb shank and creme brulee paired with TBC beers.

Busy Bee Cafe and Deep River Brewing Company (April 9) – A five-course dinner paired with exclusive beers, including a fresh batch of Carpetbagger.

Lucky 32 and Gizmo Brew Works (April 10) – Six courses paired with six beers, including their limited-release Enigma Weizenbock.

Cameron Bar & Grill and Big Boss Brewing Company (April 15) – This special "Kegs & Eggs: Breakfast for Dinner" event will be a memorable meal.

Raleigh Times and Deep River Brewing Company (April 16) – There will be a staggering seven courses for this beer dinner.

The Oxford and Raleigh Brewing Company (April 30) – The Grand Finale dinner features unique dishes highlighting North Carolina deliciousness. A tasting of 10 local beers is after the dinner.


Casks on Fools Wake County Cask Fest (April 1 at Crank Arm Brewing, Raleigh) – Fifteen unique casks from 15 Wake County breweries will be on hand to start off NC Beer Month.

World Beer Festival (April 5 in Moore Square, downtown Raleigh) – More than 250 of the world's finest brews will be on tap to sample. It's sure to be a great party!

NC Cuegrass Festival (April 26 at The Pit in downtown Raleigh) – The Pit is shutting down the street for an afternoon of live bluegrass music, barbecue and beer.

Brewgaloo (April 26 on Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh) – This fun street party features local craft beer, food trucks and live music. You can trade in tokens for a pint or a tasting card to try different beers.

Other events

Busy Bee Barrel Aged Blowout (April 3 at Busy Bee Cafe, downtown Raleigh) – Busy Bee is celebrating 5 years with an awesome list of aged beers of various vintages and origins.

One Year Anniversary at Deep River Brewing in Clayton (April 4-5) – Celebrate Deep River's birthday with live music, special beer releases and more in a weekend of fun.

Brewery Olympics (April 19 at Raleigh Brewing Company) – The inaugural Brewery Olympics will feature six Triangle area breweries competing in events like keg stacking and speed bottle capping. There will also be trivia and a public cask tasting.

Wake Brewers Wrap Party (April 30 at the NC Museum of Art) – Finish off NC Beer Month with a fundraiser for the SPCA. Local brewers and food trucks will be on hand for this dog-friendly event.


Renting is Often Less Expensive – Raleigh, NC

Joseph Coupal - Monday, March 24, 2014

When you buy a home, a lot of the money you spend isn’t going towards your home equity. The cost of homeownership includes the money you spend on fees, taxes and interest. These costs do not increase the value of your home nor do they reduce the principal on your mortgage.

We did some analysis on the cost of home ownership versus the cost of renting. Rental costs are offset by the interest you make on the cash you did not have to put towards a down payment. Homeownership costs are offset by the tax deduction you get on your mortgage interest payments.

The cost of owning a home will typically exceed the cost of renting when the price-to-rent ratio (the cost of buying a home divided by the annual rent of similar property) is greater than 20.

There are a number of other factors that should be considered when deciding whether to rent or buy a home. But start by figuring out if the cost of owning is relatively cheap or expensive based on your specific needs. Go out and do your own research. Find homes for sale and for rent in your ideal neighborhood that are the size you want and that have the amenities you are looking for. Calculate the ratio of sale price to annual rent. If home prices are more than 20 times annual rent it may be time to keep renting.

For more information on renting an apartment in Raleigh, NC contact Auston Grove Apartments.

Business Insider

Ways To Cut The Conflict When Looking For An Apartment in Raleigh, NC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finding an apartment in Raleigh, NC with a spouse, partner, or friend can be an interesting personality exercise. And if you’re not careful to communicate clearly, the process can be clouded with conflict. People have very different ways of approaching decisions and often very different preferences for housing arrangements. The more you know about yourself, your partner, and your rental needs, the more likely you are to find the perfect place (while keeping the peace). To help ensure that your rental search goes smoothly, here are five house-hunting personality traits to be aware of.

1. Tortoise vs. Hare

If you’re like the tortoise, then you might miss the hot rental that goes off the market in a matter of hours. The hare is more likely to beat the competition and catch every new property, but might move too fast and land a listing you’re not in love with. Tip: Know exactly what you want, so you can jump at the right opportunity and impress the landlord.

2. Urban vs. Suburban

A lot of factors determine whether you consider yourself an urban or suburban renter — you might like the local nightlife, or you may want to begin a family soon. As a couple, you’ll want to weigh commuting, neighborhoods, and square footage. You’ll have to sacrifice something in the end. Here’s the good news to renting: it’s a great way to try out a neighborhood. Tip: Make sure your lease allows you to sublet or sell the lease if you change your mind.

3. Penny Pincher vs. Budget Buster

It’s probably not the first budget conversation you’ve had, but you’ll need to figure out how much rent you can afford before you begin looking. Once you’ve decided on the price, the penny pincher can enjoy the search process without worrying if it’s within budget, and the budget buster can pick and choose from within the price range you agreed on. Tip: Write down your monthly costs and factor in amenities and commute for each rental.

4. Long Haul vs. Right Now

Are you going to fall in love and cherish this rental for as long as you both shall live? Or is it just temporary until you find something better? Couples need to decide how long this rental will last. Factor in employment, family status, schools in the area, etc. Tip: Depending on your threshold, offer a 6-month or 18-month lease. Often, landlords prefer to end leases during the spring and summer.

5. Homebody vs. Weekend Warrior

Are you a homebody who likes to spend your weekends curled up with a good book and a cup of tea, or maybe tinkering in the garage? Or are you a weekend warrior who prefers to travel, play sports, and generally be out and about on your days off? Think hard about your lifestyle—if you’re never home, get something smaller and save that extra cash. Tip: Focus on finding an apartment home that can satisfy both of your weekend desires.

Now that you’ve established your personalities, it’s time to start apartment hunting.


St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Festival, and Party in Raleigh

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Get ready for the St Patrick's Day Parade if you live in an apartment in Raleigh, NC!  There are a lot of changes this year! There is a new start time of 10:00AM, a new parade route and new location for the festival in Raleigh's downtown City Plaza!  Get your green on and join in the fun!

The St. Patrick's Day parade and festival are free to attend. At 10 am, the parade procession will proceed south on N. Wilmington St., turn right onto Morgan St., turn left onto Fayetteville St., proceed to Davie St. where the parade will end. Floats will exit right on Davie St. to Salisbury St., left on Salisbury to Lenoir, right on Lenoir to the dirt parking lot across from the Red Hat Amphitheater.

Wearin' 'O the Green Festival

When the Parade is over the Festival Begins! The Festival is held in City Plaza in downtown Raleigh, the end of the Parade route. There will be live music and dancing. In addition, there will be a wide variety of vendor booths: Irish Organizations, Irish jewelry and other trinkets, food vendors, children's games and activities. Fun for the entire family!

Also on St. Patrick’s Day is the St. Patrick's Day Party on Glenwood Avenue at Napper Tandy's.  Celebrate St. Patrick's Day and enjoy live bands from 4 pm-11 pm.

Auston Grove Apartments Wins Award For Resident Satisfaction

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Are you looking for an apartment in Raleigh, NC? Look no further than Auston Grove apartments. Auston Grove in the recipient of the 2013 Top Rated Award.

This annual award recognized properties with outstanding resident satisfaction ratings as measured on Only around 7% of the properties listed on qualified to be considered for the award in 2013, making winning a Top Rated award an exclusive and admirable accomplishment.

We are proud of our excellent customer service and resident satisfaction. But, Auston Grove is also a beautiful apartment community offering one, two, and three bedroom apartment homes that feature open and spacious living areas, 9 foot ceilings, and gorgeous crown molding.

For more information on our outstanding property, contact Auston Grove in Raleigh, NC.

Are You Ready To Buy a Home in Raleigh, NC?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All over the country, homes are selling like crazy. They’re being snatched up as soon as they go on the market, and homebuyers are willing to pay more to get the home they want. In fact, you can probably name several friends who are looking to buy a home in the next few months.

Conditions in the housing market have changed so quickly that it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy and catch house fever yourself. But before you hop on that bandwagon, think through these three reasons why now may not be the time to buy a home.

1. You’re in Debt

If you have any debt, your focus right now is to pay it off. Current statistics show the average American household has more than $15,000 in credit card debt, shells out 8–11% of their income for car payments, and owes more than $32,000 in student loans. Add the average monthly mortgage payment of more than $1,000, and you’ve got a recipe for bankruptcy. If you want to buy a home and have peace of mind, pay off your debt before you take the next step toward homeownership.

2. You’re Not Prepared for the Unexpected

Following the Baby Steps, once you’re out of debt, it’s time to build your emergency fund of three to six months of expenses. Now you’ll have the cash to take care of unplanned expenses (like a storm-damaged roof) or pay the bills, including your mortgage payment, if you lose your job. It’s one extra bit of insurance against Murphy—the idea that whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

3. You Don’t Have a Big Enough Down Payment

While Dave prefers you use the 100%-down plan and pay cash for a home, a conservative 15-year mortgage with a payment that’s no more than 25% of your take-home pay is also an acceptable option. You should pay at least 10% down, but 20% is even better. With a 20% down payment, you’ll avoid private mortgage insurance costs, which can add $1,800 a year to the payments on a $200,000 mortgage. You can start socking away money for your down payment after you’ve built your emergency fund.

You can see how dealing with any of these three issues would make homeownership a struggle. If your goal is to buy a home, make it a priority to overcome these obstacles and you’ll be on your way to owning your home the right way.

For information on apartments in Raleigh, NC, contact Auston Grove Apartments.

Higher Student Loans Mean More People are Renting – Raleigh, NC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shane is a 27 year old divorce attorney. He graduated from law school two years ago and set up his own law practice. He considers himself among the lucky Millennials because he can afford to rent an apartment instead of having to live with his parents well into his 20s as so many educated young people are forced to do. However, with a $2,000 per month student loan payment, he won’t qualify for a mortgage anytime soon.

This could be the next weak spot in the housing market. Historically, educated people like him who are earning good money have bought homes at a relatively young age. The burden of huge student loans is changing that. For the first time, the homeownership among non-college graduates is higher than it is for college graduates.

These huge student loans have lead to missed payments while Millennials struggle to fine decent paying jobs. The missed loan payments damaged credit scores before they even become established. Even those that manage to make their student loan payments are well aware that every dollar going to student loans means another dollar that can’t be used to buy a home.

A Sense of Urgency

Today, rents, interest rates, and median home prices are all on the rise. Educated young adults know this is probably the best opportunity they’ll have to buy a house but are locked out of the market. Lenders don’t even want to process their prequalification applications when they know there are student loans involved.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimates that of the roughly $1.4 trillion that Americans owe on school loans, 67% of it is owed by people younger than 40. Beyond that, many also have credit card debt and car loans that needs to be paid off. But it even goes beyond that.

They are Also Afraid

These young people have seen their own parents and neighbors struggle with debt and even foreclosures during the Recession. The simple fact is they don’t like what they have seen. It’s no longer seen as shameful to live with mom and dad well into your 20s. From their point of view, venturing into a starter apartment is a better strategy than buying a starter house. That leaves them with a financial safety net at their parents homes in they lose their job or otherwise become financially strapped. They can abandon the apartment rent much easier than trying to keep up house payments when the finances get tough.

Young People are on the Go

While the vast majority of young people say they want to own a home, it’s just not a priority right now. Growing professionally and even making a stable living means being flexible about where they work. Many are working as freelancers and at short-term work assignments as a way of making ends meet. They don’t want to be tied down to a house because they want to be able to pull up shallow roots and move when a good job opportunity comes along.

For more information on apartments in Raleigh, NC, contact Auston Grove Apartments.

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